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What is Microfinance?

The best thing you could do is to explore ways of helping the poor.

There are a lot of ways to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

The first step is the hardest to make.  But that single small step can lead you to your longest journey. Just make that one small first step. You are brave enough to do it, I know.

And, the best reminder is that making a difference in changing and saving lives does not need much money. It only needs DETERMINATION.

Let us start with small things and small capital. Do it with Microfinancing. Continue reading What is Microfinance?


Radical Starting Point

I called this as a Radical Start.

Whilst you were overwhelmed by our site’s frontpage and it seems you digest nothing from the rants or just can’t decide what to do or where to start with, this is the starting point.

What I am saying is that there are so many people out there who need your immediate action and abled help. TAKE PART.

Take a look at this. Continue reading Radical Starting Point