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Radical Frontiers Header and Busyok

Have you ever noticed the header picture of this blog?

I know, no one cares.

I know, too, that those who passed by this blog were looking for something relevant to their lives or some solutions to their problems. Sorry folks if you didn’t find them here…

However, for those more than 1000 visitors who visited this site, 80% of them were making difference for the poor. They were given away by the keywords they used like microfinance, helping the poor, and market analysis and segmentation. Continue reading Radical Frontiers Header and Busyok


In Microfinance, Making A Difference is Simple as 25 Cents

Making a Difference is simple as losing 25 cents. It is easy afterall and it doesn’t hurt. Do it with microfinance and that simple will become big.

Making A Difference

Sorry to disrupt the series I started with this one little rant. I was browsing my mails awhile ago and I dug a great content from one of the newsletters I subscribed in and it struck me right on top of my head. BANG!

Gee, I just would like to share it with you. This is from Paul Myers of newsletter dated December 30, 2009. I did not ask permission from him to post this one but all I want is to point out that making a huge difference in microfinance is as easy as losing 25 cents. Painless.

I was talking with a friend recently, and the conversation drifted into one of the more common ones that come up when people are facing a whole new year, and aren’t happy with the way they spent the last one. Continue reading In Microfinance, Making A Difference is Simple as 25 Cents