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Death, Debt and Blogging

My mom died last July 6 and my blog was gone vacationing, too.

I was not expecting to have problems the past month and I missed developing, writing and scheduling posts for this blog.

While I was busy preparing for the funeral of my mom, I came to realized that there was no enough money. I thought: death and debt always go along. The anxiety of losing someone you love to death and having debts that will linger longer than your sorrows is overwhelming.

And to think that not all people can have the credibility to avail credit anytime and maybe, anywhere, is very disturbing as well.

Most poor people do not have the luxury of easing their pains, anxieties and worries caused by death. Some poor people will give everything for their love ones, even in death, by offering their future, including their children’s future, as collateral just to avail loans. Oftentimes, these loans are offered by loan sharks.

Some poor people just accept their fate. Solo Dios, basta!

Some poor people just can’t never give up. They struggle, innovate, and look forward to a better future, even beyond death. They clung not only to the metaphysical hope but also to a system that can deliver them to a developed, progressive future. The system is Microfinancing, if done and used in a right way.

And, that is why I am blogging about microfinance and credit union.

These are the ways, if not the only ways of easing pains of losing someone to death as well as unloading the burdens of indebtedness.

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Graduates, Work with Microfinance

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It’s graduation time here in the Philippines and some new graduates wonder where they’ll going to. Going abroad is usually the first choice. Applying for some regular jobs comes second and third is venturing into some microenterprises.


Some explanations…

I just can’t keep up with lately in scheduling my posts. Whew!


Enjoy with them…

One good part of doing microfinance is having ‘personal touch’ with your clients/beneficiaries. When they are proud to accept that they benefited from the program, most of the time, you’re invited to share their blessings. And one example is to share their joy when they see their children finished some school levels.

And it is good to hear: If not with the microfinance that gave us the opportunities to own simple but income-generating projects, surely I was not able to send him to school.

An achievement that could not be measured by anything economics! And, who dare to say that microfinance is not contributing to poverty alleviation? Continue reading Graduates, Work with Microfinance