How To Do PEST Analysis in Microfinance?

PEST Analysis is a great tool that helps you quickly adapt to the realities of the new environment while positioning your Microfinance Organization in the marketplace, branding your services, knowing your potential investment areas and in building some strategic plans of actions.

In our program, these are the areas we often used the PEST Analysis. However, since this tool is broad, we often argue on our approaches. Some of our decision makers go for the broader approach, that is, taking all these areas into one PEST Analysis. Others are comfortable in doing PEST Analysis in every specific areas like having specifically identified product or area of investment or specific market as ‘situation being analysed‘. Continue reading How To Do PEST Analysis in Microfinance?


Graduates, Work with Microfinance

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It’s graduation time here in the Philippines and some new graduates wonder where they’ll going to. Going abroad is usually the first choice. Applying for some regular jobs comes second and third is venturing into some microenterprises.


Some explanations…

I just can’t keep up with lately in scheduling my posts. Whew!


Enjoy with them…

One good part of doing microfinance is having ‘personal touch’ with your clients/beneficiaries. When they are proud to accept that they benefited from the program, most of the time, you’re invited to share their blessings. And one example is to share their joy when they see their children finished some school levels.

And it is good to hear: If not with the microfinance that gave us the opportunities to own simple but income-generating projects, surely I was not able to send him to school.

An achievement that could not be measured by anything economics! And, who dare to say that microfinance is not contributing to poverty alleviation? Continue reading Graduates, Work with Microfinance