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Like A Post? Well, then, Like It!

I really like some posts on some blogs but I can only express how excited I am when I post comments below them. Today, WP made that possible by just a click.

When you “like” a post two core things happen. First, the blog post’s author sees your “like” and can click-through to your Gravatar profile. Second, clicking “like” saves the post in your homepage dashboard (in the “Posts I Like” section), so you can share it with others, or just keep it around for future reference.-WP

Moreover, your gravatar is shown below that blog post you liked and could leverage your liking into future visitors to your own site. The feature aims to establish blogging relationships among bloggers.

And why I am blogging this?

Poverty alleviation is an universal mission and I would like to be part of that relationship radical bloggers will establish.

How about you? Come join us in our works. Poverty alleviation is a worthy mission, after all.

Find some time to click the ‘like’ button in any post you liked on this site.

I am hoping to see your gravatar and establish relationship with you.

So long…



Death, Debt and Blogging

My mom died last July 6 and my blog was gone vacationing, too.

I was not expecting to have problems the past month and I missed developing, writing and scheduling posts for this blog.

While I was busy preparing for the funeral of my mom, I came to realized that there was no enough money. I thought: death and debt always go along. The anxiety of losing someone you love to death and having debts that will linger longer than your sorrows is overwhelming.

And to think that not all people can have the credibility to avail credit anytime and maybe, anywhere, is very disturbing as well.

Most poor people do not have the luxury of easing their pains, anxieties and worries caused by death. Some poor people will give everything for their love ones, even in death, by offering their future, including their children’s future, as collateral just to avail loans. Oftentimes, these loans are offered by loan sharks.

Some poor people just accept their fate. Solo Dios, basta!

Some poor people just can’t never give up. They struggle, innovate, and look forward to a better future, even beyond death. They clung not only to the metaphysical hope but also to a system that can deliver them to a developed, progressive future. The system is Microfinancing, if done and used in a right way.

And, that is why I am blogging about microfinance and credit union.

These are the ways, if not the only ways of easing pains of losing someone to death as well as unloading the burdens of indebtedness.

So long…