Microfinance: Why Effective Client Targeting Is Important?

Who are your clients?


Your answers to this question will make or break your microfinance programs.

That’s nonsense! Ooopss…keep your cool.

If this is nonsense, better prepare for a dive and bang your head on a wall. It is better to toil answering this simple query than making nonsense acts to recover your capital.


In my previous post, I reacted to an article that enumerated some barbaric ways of micro-finance as practiced by some MFIs. These MFIs, as the writer of that article asserted, let their clients run some distances or made them jump as punishments for defaulting payments. And, how’s that to you? Continue reading Microfinance: Why Effective Client Targeting Is Important?


Microfinance Gone Barbaric?

Yes, it is as asserted by one blogger.


As I was reviewing my scheduled posts, I dropped by at google to see want is happening around micro-finance and I came across this shocking article that says:

The ugly face of micro-finance was never in doubt. But now even the dark underbelly is coming out in the open. I wonder how much more evidence is required to put a stop to this barbaric activity that goes on unchecked in the name of empowering the poorest of the poor…

This is not to discourage you to do your part in changing and saving lives but to give you some thoughts of what to avoid in the future while you are engage in microfinancing. Continue reading Microfinance Gone Barbaric?