Microfinance Opportunities

Poverty is constantly increasing around the world.

While the world appears to globalize, the gap between rich and poor is becoming broader and larger than before. Though, some governments are aware of this gap, international politics and the pressures of some lucrative various interests have led them to diversify available resources towards more profitable markets.

Thus, leaving the fight against poverty only as a social welfare case. To this, they put up some dedicated agencies and/or institutions.

Microfinance Partners at Agoo, La Union, Philippines
Micro-entrepreneurs: Agoo, La Union, Philippines

Of course, in general, some governments can directly help those who are in need. But, people can not rely too much on government’s subsidies and efforts for poverty alleviation.

There is another method in helping to fight poverty and this method is where you can actively participate. This is the Microfinance (microcredit) System.

Microfinance is trying to fight global poverty and bringing opportunities to the world’s poorest people. Of course, this  microfinance approach does not offer sufficient solutions to reduce poverty. What this system could only do is to provide small loans and limited financial services to the poor, mostly women, for them to start businesses and hopefully, escape poverty.

The good news, however, is that funding is set to further increase from governments, Non-Governmental Organizations and from some donors.

And some good people, rich and poor alike, are becoming aware of the effectiveness of the micro-finance approach as a way of changing and saving lives.

Do you want to know more about the Microfinance System? Or, do you want to TAKE PART in this endeavour? Then, find some links below for more information.

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