Pre-Loan Motivation Processes in Microfinance

Poor people have dreams.

People must identify their goal/s and they will do it with you.

Poor people are not so vocal about their goal in life. Some can totally assume that they do not have any because they are not considering the simple act of having basic needs like food, shelter, and clothing as goal in life. They considered these as life’s supports.

But, when you immerse yourself with them, you will know that they want to be accepted in their community–they want acceptance, they want respect that builds their confidence. Some want to have security as shown by their aspirations of getting their children to school.

You should know their goals in life and re-enforce these goals through pre-loan motivation. This is a must do.

Simple Steps to Do Pre-Loan Motivation

Let it be known that Pre-Loan Motivation is the first part of Quality Group Formation. If you missed the points above, the group you established is not of good quality.

Pre-Loan Motivation is the first part of marketing of HOPE.


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