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Are you searching for a way to make a difference? Do you want to have a life helping others and make a living out of it? Then, you are at the right place.

Radical Frontiers is all about easy–but oftentimes seen as radical–ways and equally doable radical ideas and tips on how to change and save lives of others that could also make your life a lot better.

What’s Here?

Lots of simple ideas, programs and practical experiences to try which could earn you money, help you and your family become happier and satisfied while changing and saving others’ lives.

Here are few of the things you’ll find in Radical Frontiers:

  • Radical Poor… Poor People are radically bankable
  • Radical Entrepreneurs … practical experiences and examples that made some Poor People become Successful Entrepreneurs
  • Co-operative Frontiers… radical ways of jointly owning an Enterprise
  • Micro-finance Opportunities… radical but socially acceptable ways of helping others — changing and saving lives — while earning money
  • Radical Life… there are articles on debt relief, work productivity, financial management, family and more!

There are also some articles on some big issues such as people empowerment, social responsibilities and the likes.

We will tackle some other issues as we go along.

And, feel free to share some if you have.

Articles are practical and straightforward and are not intended to be comprehensive. It is better if these are read as ideas and experiences of a Radical Poor.

For more topics, you may visit the category links at the sidebar or just scroll down further below for topic headings.

You may also visit Radical Frontiers’ Blog for some current experiences and activities.

Why Radical Frontiers?

Only few people choose to give back to their own people. Worst, many among us opt to become detached. That is why I called these ways — of helping others change their lives and save others lives — radical. These frontiers are difficult but equally easy for the few who gave and are giving their lives for others.

Go back and take your part in fighting poverty. Yes, that one world of a hell.

It needs radical minds and hearts to give your whole life fighting poverty together with and among those we considered marginalized and radically poor, may it be in finances, health, and education and in spirit. These are frontiers mostly people shun away. Only those who choose to be part of it could take part.

But, 80% of the world populations are considered poor. If only few people have the hearts and minds helping them, what kind of a world this is?

Radical Frontiers is about finding a lifestyle that is anchored to helping others, to changing others’ lives and to saving lives just the same. It is about finding sustainable answers and ways to our needs and desires while helping others achieve their goals — a humane and dignified life. And it’s about living a life in harmony with other people through some radical ways.

Those radical ways are here. I hope you will enjoy what you could learn here and implement them to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

So, be an activist, become a radical. There are ways to become one. Find some here at radicalfrontiers.wordpress.com.

I made this site as my Social Investment. Make one investment, too.

Are you looking ways to helping others through a website. Here’s a magic way of doing it!(outside link)

Information, Information, Actions!

This site is dedicated to finding the best information and practical ways and advices from people and organisations that make it their business helping others. While I also draw on my own experiences, these are not always positive. Indeed, some might well be classed as mistakes to avoid!

This site is a journey of exploration, which I hope will, in some small way, help you with your own journey. I will be willing to have some articles from you to make our site informative.

Radical Frontiers and Funding

This is a private site that is run and solely financed by me. Some donations or helps are highly appreciated. As you know, advertisers and affiliate links are not accepted at wordpress.com.

Having that said, I will not close the door of exploring some upgrades in the future for us to have product reviews. Some products that could help other people come out of poverty and for people who like to work on poverty alleviation. We try to be fair and honest when reviewing and recommending products and programs. But, as I said, I am constraint to have them here for a while. This site is always waiting for your help.

Here are pages for you to visit. Each page has some related links to pages within the site. Links outside this site will always be disclosed. Feel free to browse on them and leave some of your thoughts along the way.

Radical Frontiers Blog

The Radical Frontiers Blog keeps you up-to-date with additions and changes at RadicalFrontiers.wordpress.com

About Me and Radical Frontiers

About me and why I write about radical works and ways of Changing and Saving Lives

 Microfinance Opportunities

Learn why poor people are bankable through Microfinancing

Causes and Projects

Try to support our Causes and Projects

 Radical Links and Resources

Useful radical links to other radical organisations and radical resources. Some documents and PDF files included

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How to contact Radicalfrontiers


Some Radical Ways of Changing and Saving Lives

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