Radical Frontiers Header and Busyok

Have you ever noticed the header picture of this blog?

I know, no one cares.

I know, too, that those who passed by this blog were looking for something relevant to their lives or some solutions to their problems. Sorry folks if you didn’t find them here…

However, for those more than 1000 visitors who visited this site, 80% of them were making difference for the poor. They were given away by the keywords they used like microfinance, helping the poor, and market analysis and segmentation.

Thank you. I know I have friends.


This blog is not for me.

YES, it is I who is reaching to the world and encouraging some people to MAKE A DIFFERENCE by doing some radical ways of changing and saving lives, a very broad dream that, I, myself, does not know what and how to do it. But, I believe that this (blog) is a small step of making a difference.


So what?!!

Keep your cool.

Busyok is the name of my friend’s creation. There is nothing special with the name but what is great is the advocacy beyond that name.

Busyok is a cartoon character of my friend’s online comics. And, Busyok is a carabao which (who) happens to be the reliable bestfriend of our struggling farmers who can’t afford those farming machines.

The problem with Busyok is that it (sorry Busyok for the word ‘it’) does not teach farming techniques but some simple ways on arts and designs using simple to high-technologies.

See. You can get some ideas for your micro-enterprise from Busyok (outside link).

What is greater is that the creator of Busyok advocates  Philippines’ traditional games (Facebook Fanpage) as well as farming tools. (outside link)

Is he not making a difference?

As I said, Making a Difference is Simple as 25 Cents. Use your talent and willpower to make a step. There is nothing impossible.

Go and meet Eli Avellanoza, a Filipino Artist and a radical.


I think Dr. Yunus, when he started the Grameen Bank, did not expect to create big impact. He just wanted to make a difference.

You can also do it. Start it with what you can.


Please share with us what you have done in changing and savings lives.


Anyway, I’ll take this opportunity to thank Mr. Eli Avellanoza for the header picture of this blog. He made it for us and it is free.


So long…



4 thoughts on “Radical Frontiers Header and Busyok”

    1. Ka Eli (aka Busyok):

      Yes, we can do it. We will leverage what we have and prod others to make a difference–especially helping the poor. There are lots of works to be done.

      Again, thank you for the header.

  1. Congrats on getting more than 1,000 hits! And I like the new header for this blog too – it’s very pertinent and colorful! I also noticed you have a ‘donate’ widget – I was wondering if you ever get any donations through it!

    Good luck with your blogging!

    1. Hi Fehmeen,

      Thank you. It is very slow and nothing viral about it. But, they are coming and I hope our visitors will take that first step, that first radical step to helping the poor.

      About the donate button, so far…nada…(lol).

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