The Microfinance Egg

Can you still remember the objective of your Microfinance Program?


The objective of every microfinance program is to bring its clients out from poverty and assist them to stand on their own.

The first thing microfinance clients should know and feel is that they have the ability to pay back what they owe. Their value of self-discipline can drive this feeling.

It is then the responsibility of every microfinance institute to instill strict credit discipline between and among its clients/members. And to explain clearly this concept, I will use the old ‘microfinance egg’.

An egg consists of three parts: the yoke, the white and the shell and so does a micro-finance program.

In an egg,

  • the yoke is the developing embryo embarking for a new life while
  • the white is the nutrient on which the forming life depends for sustenance and,
  • the shell is the protective casing that ensures the safe environment in the formation of a new life.

In a microfinance program,

  • the yoke is the essential value being formed in each member while
  • the white are the four essential elements built into any microfinance program to sustain the growth of the value being formed in each member and,
  • the shell is the program’s protection to ensure a safe operating environment for the formation of values needed, one of them is the credit discipline, to live out of poverty.

Your in depth understanding with this concept can lead you to achieving your microfinance program’s mission of leading the poorest of the poor in the society out of the dire world of poverty.

How far are you from your objective?


This is PART 2 of the Series on Maintaining Credit Discipline in Microfinance.

PART 1: An Overview of Essential Elements of Microfinance


This is again a broad concept but I will be dealing with them one by one in my future posts.

Your comments and suggestions are appreciated and I am willing to learn from you also as I want to improve, too.

Now, I challenge you to look at your program’s objective. Share with us.

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So long…



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