March Posts Wrap Up

Please, wrap it.

I often heard this line every time I lingered around our small sari-sari store during my non-office days. I made a habit to have some times with our small business during week-ends.

I put up a small sari-sari store to earn some amounts just like many of our microfinance program’s members, our micro-enterprise.

Yes, wrap it.

Wrapping or putting an item or items in a pack does not only add value to the quality of the products but also add value to your services. In our store, we always deliver convenience to our customers. Do it with your microfinance services too. Package your services by putting convenience to your members as your utmost priority.

Remember to pack the products according to your members’ needs.

And for me, I have to wrap up my rants for the month of March. Here’s what happened this March at radicalfrontiers:

Microfinance Trends in the Philippines

I do like this post because it started my series on microfinancing. While it all depends on your perspective, the trends I stated in this post could help you a lot if you want to engage in microfinancing as a radical way of helping and changing lives that is focused on poor people and at the same time earn some decent amount of money while doing it as your social investment. Visit the full article here…

Microfinance: How To Do Area Selection

This is the second piece on the series about microfinance. The processes I enumerated maybe seen as normal and simple but a total disregard of a good area selection process can rob you big amount of cash. It is better to give them a try than pouring all your time recovering your money later. Read the full article here…

Microfinance: Market Segmentation

After you have identified your possible area of operations, I posited that you will give some time segmenting your market. Without market segmentation, you cannot package your services according to the needs of your prospective clients. This activity is a need ingredient for your success. Market segmentation is a continuing process. Do not stop. Read the article here…

Microfinance: Importance of PEST Analysis

Oftentimes, entrepreneurs just take the risks. Entrepreneurs are called entrepreneurs because they are risks-takers. But, calculated risks are far better than just risks. Some entrepreneurs hate putting theories into practice. These theories, when used correctly, could give you that elusive millions of earnings and, maybe, even your elusive dreams. Read it here…

In Microfinance, Making A Difference is Simple as 25 Cents

We often disregard the value of 25 cents but these cents are part and parcel of a dollar. Paul Myers used the story-telling technique to engage his readers and I like the way he used it here. Making a difference is just mind setting. Take a look here…

How to Do PEST Analysis in Microfinance?

I never expected that this question is one of the keywords used to deliver some visitors to radicalfrontiers from search engines. There are only few information that answer this question and they are as broad as this article. Know how to do PEST analysis but don’t expect too much from me. Read it here…


This series does not end here. We are barely scratching the surface of microfinance. We will continue digging deeper into the core of microfinance as we go along. Our next task is to ensure credit discipline among our members. Stay connected…

So long…



5 thoughts on “March Posts Wrap Up”

  1. Hi Fehmeen, I just can’t post that often but I am trying my best to cope up. Thank you for the appreciation. Every end of a month, I will try to make a summary…

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