Microfinance: Cory Aquino’s Dream

LACK of data and elections have given pause to the dream of the late President Corazon Aquino to have 5 million Filipinos access P5 billion in credit by 2011.

“We were overtaken by events. But we’re still trying, as you can see, to be faithful to the [late] President’s wish,” PinoyME Foundation chief executive Danilo Songco said.

Songco, an unabashed supporter of Mrs. Aquino, spoke to reporters on the fourth anniversary of the group that she launched in 2006, the 20th year of the People Power Revolution that brought her to leadership in 1986.
“This is really her dream since she said during her presidency that when women have access to microfinance, they don’t ask her for money.”

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3 thoughts on “Microfinance: Cory Aquino’s Dream”

  1. A number of us believe NoyNoy is probably the most reasonable selection for the presidency in the Philippines, possibly not considering he is the son of heroes Cory and also Benigno Aquino but because he is the lesser evil within the candidates. Sure we are able to explore concerning the Hacienda Luisita killings but in the end of the day his competitors include very much even worse records. He keeps genuine to his anti-corruption campaign, and between the others competing for presidency he does not have corruption problems. We met him in the past on a get together, he appears so good and distinct and i want to add a ideal guy as well.

    1. Well, I syndicated the press release from yahoo news to support what I called radical call, i.e., changing and saving lives through some radical ways like microfinancing and co-operativism. While, helping the poor is a political act, I just can’t see or hear from these so-called pro-poor candidates any specific strategies or goals on how they will work on poverty alleviation.

      Cory Aquino made a lot of efforts to help the poor (though at some point she did not even bother the plight of hacienda luisita’s workers) like strengthening the co-operative sector through RAs 6938 and 6939 and the unsuccessful CARP Law.

      If election is choosing between good and evil, then it should not be called political exercise but moral exercise. Gosh, instead of looking for better records, we are looking for lesser/worse records. This entails how worse our political system is.

      As of now, I am still questioning: how is the political will of Noynoy? Can he assert his among his tra-po supporters? Given the pressure of preserving the legacies of his parents, he can become a good president, though.

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