Radical Frontiers as My Social Investment

This is my radical call to all of you. Give back. Helping the poor is a good social investment.

Well, this should be my first post in this blog. But, as you can see it, it comes second. No Regrets!

Radical Frontiers (this site) is my social investment. I hope you won’t disagree and let me have some of your time to explain it. You would like to adopt it as your own, too.

I’ve been working for over fifteen years as social development officer whose works range from training coordinator, facilitator, microfinance officer, farmer, teller, loan officer and so on and so forth. What a heck?

Yes, I’ve worked those things.

Am I satisfied? Thanks, God, you asked.

Well, uhum, ummm…yes, of course! I did not last those years if I was not or I am not.

Warning! These positions do not pay well. Don’t be a dumb like me.

However, I found satisfactions and peace with them. My work satisfies my cravings of changing and saving lives. I helped others changed their lives and along the way, I helped them saved lives.

I am a radical, deviant and sometimes, insane! So, I did those things. Yes, no regrets until now. My wife banged me some chairs, though, when things get tough and I have no money to augment her finances. Sigh!

Some of my friends laughed at me. I envied them. They made themselves millionaires by going abroad and become, well, sorry folks, slaves of their bosses. But, what the heck of ego if you have no money and cars and luxuries for your families? Hell, so what?!

This is my philosophy in life: I studied and learned just not to become slaves of some foreigners in some foreign lands (now they called their own). I studied to serve my people, yes, my own people and in this case, Filipinos. And not only that, I believed to a saying “Sino man ang hindi marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan ay hindi makakarating sa paroroonan.” Sorry folks, I just can’t translate it verbatim. It is written in Tagalog. Try to use some translators if you want to know the jest of it.

Okay, I will try to give the meaning of it. Here it is (not verbatim): Whoever doesn’t look back to where he/she started could not reach his/her goal. Sounds familiar, huh?

It is always used in planning. It is part of any management cycle: REVIEW!

It could also be used in your Life Cycle. Review.

I wrote too much, eh. And it has no sense at all. But, that’s me. Bear with me or just click your mouse away. Oppps, not too fast.

You want to make a difference, right? Keep your cool until the end of this post.

So why Radical Frontiers?

As I’ve said only few people choose to give back to their own people. It is hard to go back to where you once belonged, to where foods for the table were nowhere to be found.

Go back and fight poverty? Yes, that one world of a hell.

It needs radical mind and soul to give your whole waking life fighting poverty together, with and among those we considered marginalized and radically poor, may it be in finances, health, education and in spirit. These are frontiers mostly people shun away. Only those who choose to be part of it could take part.

But, 80% of the world populations are considered poor. If only few people have the hearts and minds helping them, what kind of a world this is?

Here is my radical call.

I challenged you now. If you read this far, the ball is in your hand. Make a Difference! Help us change lives and save others lives.

This should be my first post.

Please read on. And keep in touch.

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